South Indian Classical Dances

An amalgamation of Kuchipudi,Mohiniattam and Bharathanatyamset the stage for this year’s theme of VIIS to Introduce the rich dance forms of India.   NatyaVidushiGeethaNagaraj, KalamandalamSuchitra Anil Kumar and SmtApoorva Sameer Rao brought this lively experience to all the International participants at our Institute. 

The Festival of Music, Art and Dance

The SulochanaPattabhiramanUtsavam saw a unique blend of Carnatic Classical Music, Art  and Dance forms of the tribes. VidwanManasaNayana, an eminent classical music vocalist and his team  presented an introduction to the Carnatic style of Indian classical music including explanation of its basic raga (melody) structure and its tala (rhythm) components. The budding musicians and winners of the classical music competition showcased their performanceson the same stage.

Swara Madhura

“Swara Madhura”  a unique blend of Carnatic classical and Western classical fusion music  ensemble was performed  at Vivekananda Institute of Indian studies  by the budding artists of Cultural city of Mysore on Jan 12th 2015.  The concept of the program “East meets the West “visualized Swami Vivekananda’s dream in the World Parliament of religions , Chicago a hundred years ago on his 152nd Birth Anniversary.  Vidwan Rakesh Sudhir and his team mesmerized the audience with tunefulness, melody, Rhythm & soothing Fusion Music. 


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