Final Performance

Katie Greenwood says ‘Music isn’t just learning notes and playing them, you learn notes to play to the music of your soul’. And the students from university of Michigan did exactly the same to mesmerize the local audience with their performance at V Lead campus on 14th August. 2013


Pushpanjali and Nrithyanjali

        “Believe you can and you're halfway there.” Same way belief in their abilities followed by constant effort, made Mt. Allison students not just reach the half way but also an buoyancy to complete their voyage of Dance. Curtains were drawn for the dance voyage successfully after the Pushpanjali dance performance by three Mt. Allison students at V Lead Campus on 15th July 2013.

Musical evening

A musical feast was organized for the lovers of Indian classical Music and a musical extravaganza for those who observed the flawless Indian violin duo music concert for the first time on 4th of June 2013 at VIIS .The mixed feelings were witnessed as the contemporary brilliant violinists in the annals of Indian classical music Dr. Mysore Manjunath and Vidwan Mysore Nagaraj mesmerized the audience with amazingly produced sounds out of their violins. The soothing violin concert got the added allure by the music of accompanied artists B C Manjunath on Mrudhangam and R N Prakash on Ghatam.


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