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Associate with us

VIIS has ample opportunities for professionals who can involve themselves as Guest faculty/resource persons in sharing their experience and expertise in the areas of Indian Culture & Civilization, Indian studies & performing arts, Science, Technology & Sustainable Development, Environment, Health & Gender related aspects. Subject experts on Indian languages, Yoga, Fine arts, and Fundamentals of Ayurveda can associate with us as resource persons for the customized programs of VIIS.

Opportunity for volunteering with us

SVYM is keen to share its learning with people interested to work in or just keen to know more about the development sector. Every year, volunteers from all parts of the world come to stay with us, offer their help and expertise and take back with them a plethora of experience of having worked in a rural Indian system. These include students, professionals and also service-minded individuals. It's a mutual learning experience.
VIIS also provides ample opportunities of volunteering either as an individual or in groups to explore, experience and contribute their time and expertise in sectors of Health, Education, Socio economic development, non profit behavioral change, communication strategies, Research & governance.

General Information for volunteers

» Please plan your stay with us for more than a couple of weeks. It takes that long just to get acquainted with the routine. Six weeks would be the minimum time needed to make a meaningful contribution.

» We would be pleased to provide hygienic and comfortable accommodation for you during your stay at the V-Lead Hostel, as per the existing room charges.

» All students desirous of volunteering with us need to get letters of recommendation from two renowned faculty members from their respective Universities.

» You are required to give us a photograph (passport size), copy of your passport and copy of Visa page upon arrival.

For Volunteering please contact/write to:

Dr. Rekha. S
Deputy Director, VIIS
E-mail :
Mob.: +91 9449791900

Visit for detailed information on volunteering.