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Student forum : This forum contains some of the papers written by students of various universities based on their learning’s on Culture & Civilisation, Gender and Science and technology in India. The students are also graded based on this papers.

Global Health students of Cornlell University apply their knowldege to help the world's resource-poor regions

 Adopting Hindu Practices in the West, Marina K. Bertram University of Mt. Allison 2013

The Reality and Repercussions of Female Healthcare Bias in India, Corinne Boudreau University of Mt. Allison 2013

The Green Revolution in India, Hanna Nathanson University of Mt. Allison 2013

Using Ecofeminism to Fight Patriarchy in India, Mesha Sagram-University of Mt. Allison2012

Imaginative India Sacred Icons, Darsan,and Everyday Hindu Worship-Daniela Fernandez. University of Mt.Allison 2012

Health(care) Crisis ,Carly Levy-Mt. Allison University 2012

Amanda Silver, University of Mt.Allison, 2010

Becky McKinnon, Indian Culture and Civilization, Bharata Natyam: One Dance, Two Views, University of Mt.Allison-2010,Canada

Jason Melrose, Culture and Civilization, The Union of Multiplicity, University of IOWA-2009

Tori Orlowski, Health and Environment, Ethics and Philosophy of Organic Farming,University of IOWA-2009

Megan Simpson, Gender in India, Women‘s Organizations in India: Past, Present and Future, University of IOWA- 2009

Diana Mclaughlan, --May You Be the Mother of One Hundred Son's, University of Mt.Allison- 2009,Canada

Hilary Watson, Current Interpretations of the First War of Independence, How They Developed and the Supporting Evidence,University of Mt.Allison-2009,Canada

Louisa Strain, Culture and Civilization, Ganesha: Loved by the Masses, University of Mt.Allison-09,Canada

Allison Kepkay, University of Mt. Allison, USA

India : Tradition vs. Modernization

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