Neel - East Sussex, UK, 2014
When i came here, my expectations were to get some work experience, I do some volunteering and become more independent. I enjoyed every aspect of my stay here and learned much. i am looking forward to coming and staying here again. I would like to thank the entire campus for giving me such a good opportunity.
Hema Lochan - Princeton University, 2014
This program has been absolutely amazing so far. I never imagined that i could learn so much and be surrounded by such kind and caring people. thank you so much VIIS!
Naimah Hakim - Princeton University, 2014
I am having a wonderful time at VIIS! The staff at both the Institute and our hostel are incredibly friendly and accommodating. our class is also having a very rich academic experience. Hindi is challenging, but a lot of fun. Thank you so much!
Nigamesh Harihar - University of Mt.  Allison 2013.
My experience at VIIS was very memorable and my time in Mysore was amazing. This couldn’t have been possible without the amazing hospitality at VIIS, & I want to thank all the staff for doing an excellent job making me feel at home.
Katarina Karlen - University of Minnesota 2013.
My approach to life will be forever changed. Thank you for everything.
Lauren Silman - University of IOWA 2013.
I have learned of so much here. I can’t even believe it! I felt so encouraged and and respected by everyone & I would truly love to have the opportunity to come again!
Olivia cohen's, a students from Cornell University, 2012
It has now been one year since I spent the summer at the Vivekananda Institute of Indian Studies and the SVYM Kenchanahalli hospital. I have brought all of the experience and knowledge from the summer learning from the professors, Dr. Seetharam, Dr. Mohan, Dr. Arundhati and Dr. Dennis closely to my final year at Cornell University. And now will bring it with me to graduate school. My time working with SVYM inspired me to further pursue a career in public health; I will begin my Masters in Public Health at Johns Hopkins University in September. 
 I truly believe that the summer I spent at Kenchanahalli shaped my perspective of international health and medicine and will be essential to my future development and success in graduate school. I can not adequately express in an email my gratitude and thanks to you and the entire SVYM staff that welcomed me so graciously and allowed me to experience India in such a unique and meaningful way. However, I wanted to let you know how much SVYM and India mean to me and how thankful I am to have had the opportunity to work with SVYM .
I hope that in the future I will be able to work in India and with SVYM again and be able to contribute in an even more meaningful manner following my graduate studies. 
Thank you again for the wonderful experience, I miss the SVYM staff and Kenchanahalli very much!
Maya Venkataraman - Summerland secondary School, Canada
I learned that the best way to help people is not by giving them things, but by enabling them to help themselves. SVYM has given me the confidence to become a better leader                                          
Lizze Loveland - University of Michigan 2012.
I absolutely loved my stay here! Incredible staff, food, service, respect-fantastic program! I would love to come came. Thanks so much.
Evan Haywood - University of Michigan 2012.
What a Wonderful place! It has been truly inspiring to Witness your Unique Mission and Innovative ways you put it into Action. Love & respect to all workers, Administrators, and Visitors!
Shauna Steele - Asst Professor of Dance& Director of Dance program. Anderson University 2012.
Peace, Harmony & Blessings! Thank you for all of your Hardwork,to create environment of Learning, Sharing and Volunteering. I have been continually inspired by the mission of the Organization & by the Staff and Volunteers. I look forward for Next Year
Jeanne Moseley - Associate Director, Global Health Program- Cornell University
“Thank you so much for a wonderful visit. I have learned so much and I am so grateful that our students have the opportunity to participate in SVYM courses and programs. All the best!”.
Donna Ramil - Associate Director of International Programs - ILR School, Cornell University
“It has been much a joy to return to SVYM- my home away from home. Thank you for being so welcoming to Jeanne and me.”.
Monica Edwards, Student, Puget Sound University
“The staffs here are amazing! I am so lucky to spend two weeks great. Fantastic staff here.”.
P.B.Mandawala, Faculty , University of Jayewardenepura, Srilanka
“I left home to stay with you for 13 days during which it was always a pleasure to meet a scholar like Dr.Nagaraja Rao. His guidance was valuable for my studies. All the staff and students at the Institute provided me with a sense of brotherhood. So a big thank you for all of you and I will be definitely coming back”.
Ron Byrne, Vice President (International & Student Affairs) Mount Allison University, Canada
“I have been very pleased to visit SVYM and learn more about the overall work there. I come away with this experience of being convinced ever more strongly in the importance of our partnership and the work of SVYM, thank you”.
Mark Whitmee, Mt. Allison University, Canada
They say wisdom sits in places and that is certainly true with VIIS. I Just wanted to thank each and everyone at VIIS for an experience. I will never forget!
Chelsea Lewis, Concordia University
I will never forget India. Thank you for some great memories .
Mariel Edwards, Concordia University
India has been an amazing experience, thank you for being part of it.
Aarti Agarwal, Cornell University
My experience at SVYM this summer has been one of the most inspiring and eye opening things I have ever done. I have learned a great deal about the culture, traditions and health system. Everyone at the Institute has been very hospitable and kind. I felt right at home. Thank you for everything.
Hala Alarmouti, Concordia University
Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience. India is my favorite place in the world.
Prof. Nota, Wartburg College
This place is inspiring. I am grateful for all the lessons. Can’t wait to bring my students and colleagues and continue to build the partnership.
Karolina Saghafi, Concordia University
Incredible India!
Henry Huang, Cornell University
Thank You very much for your hospitality and support during my time in India. I had a great time and really appreciate having the experience. I appreciate all you have done and look forward to visiting again soon.
Josh , University of Michigan
It is the perfect place to study. I would recommend to everyone.