Classical Flute Jugalbandi music concert

To craft the evening remarkable as well as to introduce the Indian classical music flavor to the University of Minnesota group-USA, Classical flute Jugalbandi music concert was organized by VIIS. The duet of two solo Musicians was an amalgamation of both Hindustani and Carnatic classical music.
The blow of air into the flute formed Bhupali raga (in Hindustani) and Mohana raga (in Carnatic) when it reached the listeners. One and half hour concert came to an end with a song on goddess Lakshmi which was in Madhyamavathi Raga. V Vamshidhar played Carnatic Flute and Sameer L Rao performed Hindustani flute which bowed out as a musical extravaganza of the evening.
Vidwan V Vamshidhar is a disciple of Flutist Vidwan Deshikachar and Pandit Sameer L Rao is a disciple of legendary musician Pandit Hariprasadh Chawrasia, Prof G. S. Ramanujam is a disciple of Vidwan P G Lakshminarayana & Mr. Adarsh Shenoy is a disciple of another legendry musician Yogesh Shamshi. Vidwan Manasa Nayana explained the basic concepts of Indian Classical music, concept of Jugalbandi to the spectators.
CLICK HERE to View the Video of the Event.